Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We Really Should Know Better

There is a saying here in Saskatchewan, that nothing should be planted until the long weekend in May. That just happens to be this weekend.

We have had weather well above freezing at night for about 3 weeks now. Yes, it has gotten cold at night, but never has it fallen below 0 C since about the last week in April.

Today has been cloudy, cold and pretty darn windy (hey I live in Estevan and very few days can really be classed as windless). Harvey looked at the forecast for overnight and, well it looks as if the saying should have been listened to this year. We are going down to -2 C and because it has cleared right up the danger of frost is pretty darn likely.

Most of my plants are now residing in the hall, and the ones that are too big for me to move are placed as close to the house as possible and tightly wrapped in sheets.

Harvey has his veggie garden under wraps and the blankets and sheets are weighed down with various bricks and rocks.

Both of us are keeping our fingers crossed that we make it through tonight as the weather does improve once again.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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