Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thrifty Tuesday

Things are more or less back to normal today.

I really enjoyed my friend Kim's visit.

Kim and I first met through an online community on frugal living and then as time passed by became online friends through Facebook. She has spent the last two years travelling across the United States in an Airstream, and this year decided to make a trip into Canada. First she went to Alberta to see the town where her mother was born, and visit relatives. Next she came into Saskatchewan to visit me. We had a great time, and I actually found lots of free things for us to visit and do. Spent as much time as we possibly could together and Harvey cooked our meals as well as cleaned up. I think I got a bit spoiled, but I also fell behind on various household tasks.

I am all caught up now though, and moving ahead with all those projects and goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the month.

The two cross stitch projects that were supposed to have been completed last month are now done. Thrifty project, as these were in the stash of items given to be when Mom passed away. I still have two more to do, and then perhaps I can start on some of the kits that Kurt has given me over the years.

I have started to refashion the two dresses. In fact I have the first one more or less completed, just needs a good pressing. I found that more fabric needed to be added to the bottom of the top to make it longer (seemed a tad short) and I managed to find some coordinating fabric in my stash. Then I thought why not add some to the skirt as well. This managed to use up one of my rolls of 2" strips.

I am going to do the same to the second skirt and top set I am refashioning out of the second dress. This will use up another roll of 2" strips.

Two kind of new outfits at no cost other than thread and my time.

On Monday I got a lovely parcel in the mail.

This bag came all the way from Wales. Thank you so much Pam, it is just the right size for those on the road knitting projects I have planned.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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