Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Roundup

It has been a bit busier than usual around the old homestead the past week.

Since we bought a great deal of meat from Costco while up in Regina, it needed to be packaged into more meal sized packages instead of the giant Costco packs. Out came the freezer bags and the Save A Meal sealing system.

Beef Roasts, pork roasts, salmon fillets, chicken breasts, stuffed chicken breasts and some chicken wings, a morning spent getting everything ready for the freezer. I still have bacon to slice and package.

As you are about to see, I broke my promise to not buy fabric or yarn until I had worked my way through the stash a bit more. However I found a great deal on some coat fabric (I want to make a fall coat), and flannelette. So of course I had to buy some. And who could turn down a good yarn sale.

 The lovely coat fabric. I already had something I could use for lining. Now just to decide if I want to use the same pattern as my red coat, or try one of the other patterns in my stash.

 The flannelette was more for pj pants for Harvey come winter, but I think I kind of like the striped fabric and might just commandeer it for my self.

Of course some sale fabric caught my eye.

 I just couldn't say no to this lovely heavier weight knit fabric. I have a dress pattern I want to use this with. To make it even better the fabric was 50% off the sale price.

 Then this stretch poplin caught my eye (the colour is a darker blue than the photo shows). I think it will make a lovely suit. Got the same deal for this fabric as with the knit fabric.

We had two old dehydrators that were on their last legs, so when we saw this one on sale for 45% off we snapped it up. It might have gone down further later on, but since we don't live in the city the chances of us being there at the right time were pretty slim. So we grabbed this one. I got the mats cut for the trays, and dehydrated some parsley to test it out. Works wonderfully and now I can set a temperature which is great, I had to guess with the old ones.

The old dehydrators are set aside to go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store next week.
Tomorrow I will share pictures of my sewing over the last 17 days and perhaps my knitting will be blocked enough to show you.
Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.


  1. You sound like you have been spending your money very wisely. I really should use my dehydrator more, maybe once everything at the allotment starts cropping.

  2. Love the yearn and fabrics. We have lost the majority of our fabric shops locally. And there isn't many market stall either which is a shame. I normally buy fabric when I'm on holiday in Europe!!