Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Has Arrived!!

Summer may have arrived in most of Canada today, but not so much here on the prairies. The wind was blowing for most of the day (now it seems to have settled right down to what we could consider nothing) and the temperature was not that high. Hopefully we have some good weather coming

So what did I do on this first day of summer? I stayed in and had a fairly lazy day. After stripping the bed clothes and remaking the bed, I read some of my book, cut out a split skirt, did some list making, did some knitting, and took a couple of walks. A really lazy day on the old homestead.

Things will be getting busier now though. Kris is coming home this weekend and I need to start preparing for the family reunion which we will be attending at the end of next week. But before that I need to get ready to go to my nieces high school graduation. My sister is driving and has reserved us a room as the ceremony goes until late in the evening and three hours is a long drive in the dark. The next day we hope to meet up with another brother in the morning, and then the remaining two aunts on my Mom's side. We will have lunch and then leave. Joanne plans on dropping me off at the park where the reunion is taking place.

I am leaving Harvey in charge of packing up for the reunion. That means he is in charge of getting the food out of the freezer, the silent auction items, the dry goods packed, and his own clothing. Most importantly he needs to remember to put out extra food for the cat!!! This should be interesting to say the least. I am going to try and get as much together as possible before I leave. Wish him luck cause I always seem to forget something (there is a store, but it is very expensive).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Sounds like you're well organised. If your Harvey is anything like my hubby you need to write things down verbatim for things to be done right! I was right when I told the doctor he has a terrible memory and the tests proved this!!!