Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday Tidbits

I am back from my visit with my aunts and a couple of my cousins. I almost thought I was not going to get away. It seems that my oldest aunt is very lonely even though she has one son that lives in the same town as her and usually drops in every day. Nights are the worst she told me, so I promised to come again for another few days. As she says have a lovely sleep over.

We went grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and visited the other younger sister in the hospital. I also tried my hardest to get things on her Ipad that she never got to see, like the Family group page. I also showed her how to put her pictures on Facebook. Doubt she will remember, but hopefully someone else a bit more knowledgeable about the use of an Ipad gives her a hand. 

My younger aunt seems to be doing very well. However, she really wants to get home and so is at times over doing it. The family was meeting with the doctor and therapists to find out what she needs to do to be able to live in her house. I know a ramp will need to be made or found in order to get her into the house.

It poured rain today so I was unable to pick the rest of the tomatoes. Hopefully the weather clears tomorrow and I can empty containers as well as pick all the larger green tomatoes. Wish me luck!

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I'm sure that both your aunts really appreciated your visit and the kind attention you gave them.