Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Midweek Musings


Still so very warm out. I think, or at least I hope, we only have one more day of this excessive heat. We will then get a bit of a break. 

I have done no sewing this week as we have been keeping the curtains drawn so the house stays a bit cooler. Instead I have been doing what seems to be a constant task lately. Once again I am trying to tidy the sewing/craft room. It seems to be the room where things just get thrown lately. 

Right now I am busy winding yarn. This is yarn that was given to me by a neighbour. She started a few knitted blankets and I have been busy pulling them apart and winding that yarn. I have one ball left to try and untangle in order to use it. 

Once that is done I will wind the yarn that is on the swift. I bought a 6 oz ball of handspun and dyed yarn when we were on holiday. 

There are thread spools to put back on my thread holder, fabric to fold and put away. Clothing to be cut into squares for quilting and a few things to donate to the secondhand stores. 

I hope to get most of that completed tomorrow. Then perhaps I can take the computer in and make those labels on my Cricut. 

I am adding to the pantry slowly. Right now it is mostly dehydrated herbs, but hopefully there will be some frozen veggies very soon. 

Now I know some are worried about a rice shortage, and I am as well so every time I shop I will pick up a bag of my preferred rice, but I am also going to purchase a few bags of flour (both regular and bread) our drought has me a bit worried. Most of our flour is from wheat grown here in Canada, and this area has not had much rain. I have noticed that crops (and our trees) are very much under stress. Crops will not be as good as they usually are.

It was bad enough during the pandemic, but I think this could be much worse. I want to be prepared for what lies ahead and if that means a few bags of flour in my chest freezer I am all for it. Stocking up so as I do not run short for bread making and baking. 

Off to get supper on the table, and then after dishes I will pay you all a visit. Any ideas on what a person should stock up on is greatly appreciated.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Haven't heard of any shortages here and I don't have room to stockpile things like rice and flour anyway!

  2. I’ve read the same thing about stocking up on rice. It’s good planning on your part to be concerned about this and the flour situation. I’ve been working in an area in my home too. I’ll have more time to work on it on Thursday, so I’m hoping to get it done. 😊

  3. Hoping your hot weather breaks quickly and you get some relief.
    I am envious of your cricut. I'd love one but have no idea how I would use it really. xx

  4. I had started a comment, and then it disappeared. Blogger can be a nuisance.
    It reached 28C here yesterday, with the wind it felt quite comfortable. Especially the last few 30+ days.
    I had read that Basmati rice may be in short supply. We tend to eat more pasta and potatoes than rice, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for my favorite brand.

  5. Loved your photos and talk of Dauphin. Years ago I was a Young Voyageur 1968 and touring Montreal we met a group of kids from Dauphin and we all got along so well. They were friendly and down to earth not like some of the other groups we met. Yes, the heat and humidity have been intolerable this summer, that and the continual rain and thunder and lightening warnings. I must check into that info about rice and flour. You guys are Canada's Bread Basket...learned in school so many years ago.:D

  6. I just restocked my flour and sugar buckets, even though it is just me, at least I will be ready for Christmas baking!

  7. I'm not up on much news, just who i am, so haven't heard in any of my circles about a shortage. We don't eat a lot of rice but Bill would be sad if it meant no rice pudding!

  8. My comment disappeared as well, huh, maybe it's waiting to be approved.

  9. Sometimes I think these predicted shortages just tend to create them because people panic buy. I also heard that oranges will be in short supply too.

  10. I was slightly worried about the rice situation, but to be honest we don't eat it that often these days. I've got a couple of bags in stock which will keep us going for a good while. It think it's sensible to cover yourself if you think there is going to be a shortage. If oranges are in shortage, I am going to struggle. They are my go to fruit year round.