Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Tid Bits

It's a good thing that our trip to the UK taught Harvey and I how to go for a long stretch using the least number of clothes that we possibly could as it came in handy. Since our washer broke down things have been tight clothing wise. We were getting the most wear out of what we put on as we possibly could.

The part we ordered that broke was supposed to come tomorrow, and we were lucky enough to get it delivered to our door late yesterday. Harvey installed it today and we are back in business. I tried out the washer on the sheets I had stripped off the bed just before it bit the dust. It worked, and I now have a working washer!!!!

This is the part that broke, the door latch....... The part was inexpensive, but the shipping was outrageous!!! I just hope that the washer lasts a bit longer after all 4 years is no time at all.

It is getting really cold here and after three days of work I am so glad to finally be staying put in my nice warm house. I was supposed to go to Book Club tonight but just could not face the bone chilling temperature of -24 C (-11 F) with the wind making it feel like -37 C (-35 F). It is not a fitting night to be out and about.

Harvey is busy in his workshop down in the basement, I hope to have pictures soon of what he has been busy building. So far it looks pretty darn good and it is keeping him out of my hair.

A few more pictures of my decorating endeavors.

This was a gift from my sister many years ago.

An old fabric tree that I made at a Christmas craft workshop many, many years ago.

 Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Glad you have a working washer .. amazing how much we miss them when they're not available.

    (and at least you didn't have to pay someone to put the latch on.)

  2. So true DW and today Harvey had to do a bit of electrical work replacing the dimmer switch on our living room lights. Sure glad I didn't have to call a repair person for either job.

  3. Even without the angel, your tree is lovely! I don't know how you stand the extreme cold, lol. I guess you have to be born into it, or at least been living with it for a few years, for it to become "normal". Not for me, lol!