Saturday, December 7, 2013

Getting Things Accomplished

After two days and a terrible back ache from bending over too much I have finally gotten my tree decorated.

This is the first year we have placed the tree downstairs and because the ceiling is so low my poor angel will not fit on the top. I have placed her to the side of the tree on a ledge that runs around the room. The tree just does not seem finished without her.

I also finished Kris's afghan!!! A whole three and a half weeks before Christmas. My knitting needles are now busy with mittens. I plan on having a few pairs of those under the tree as well, using up the bits and bobs of leftover yarn from previous projects is going to make these very frugal gifts.

Here is a picture of the finished afghan......

It should keep Kris toasty warm in his chilly apartment. When the temperature drops below -30 C he says it gets a bit cool. Let's just hope Ray does not take over this one as well.

Harvey has been busy as well. Here he is working on a project in his workroom in the back part of the basement.

He is busy painting a new addition to my flower baskets. I have a feeling that once it is totally done it will be beautiful.

Weather wise it has been extremely cold here with the wind chills making it feel like something in the -45 C range. Perhaps this is why I got the afghan finished today, there is no way I want to be out when exposed skin can freeze in 10 minutes.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Love the afghan.

    Your tree is very pretty ... we've had to use a smaller tree the past couple of years because Big Boy and Little Girl want to climb the big one! So we can't use our angel, either ...