Monday, December 30, 2013

Menu Monday and A Little Bit More

Here are my menus for the upcoming week. Lots of using up items and trying to get the meat freezer cleaned out a bit. Things are getting lost in there and I am refusing to lose food to freezer burn.


Leftover Ham warmed up. Served with potato salad and cole slaw.


Pork Chops in mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans.


Clean out the fridge.


Leftover Pork made into a stir fry using onions, peppers, mushrooms, carrots and celery. Served over noodles.


Tuna Casserole


Chicken Legs with Back attached. Cooked in the oven, served with rice and peas.


Beef Roast, roast potatoes and roast carrots.

So there are my menus for the week. I am really hoping to stick to what I have planned. Perhaps not on the night I have written them down but near enough.

I am also going to share some of the tree decorations I bought while on our vacation to the UK.

Now while browsing the gift shop at the Tower of London we came across this set of ornaments.

A collection made up of Henry the VIII and his 6 wives..... These were made out of felt and slightly (well a bit more than slightly) tacky. They looked as if children had made them and for what the cost was I would have expected a bit more care taken in their making.

Looking a bit more I found this.

 Slightly less tacky, in fact very well made and the price at about the $8.00 mark was just about right. I did have Kurt asking me what on earth Henry and his wives had to do with Christmas. My response was "They celebrated the holiday season as well." Seemed to do the trick.

I have some more ornaments I picked up at the Tower shop and will share a couple with you here. These are small miniatures of things found around the British Isles, sort of icons.

A Beefeater, not a very good picture but he is at the top of my tree. Perhaps I can get a better picture later.

Her Majesty's Mail.

One more of the set.

A call box. These are disappearing I am told....What a pity.

A lot less tacky than the felt ornaments and they really go with my red and silver tree.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I wish I had bought some of those ornamants ! Lovely meeting you !
    Rinty x

  2. I LOVE the Henry the XIII ornament! Actually, I love all of them, but that one especially.