Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Frugalities For The Week

Fridays are going to be my day to list all the frugal past times and things I have done over the week.

I am starting off with the use of my very own daily planner.
On this page I am listing all the extra cleaning chores and organizing I want to do this month. I am also listing my monthly goals.

These next pages will contain a list of the chores I want to get done that day.

I just love seeing all the chores marked off and all my fun things marked off as being done as well. Makes turning off my brain at night so much easier.

I checked out what the daily planner I usually buy cost now, and was very surprised. I know for a fact that the one I made did not cost me $15.00 to make. Boy are prices ever going up.

I have also started my frugal exercise program. I have been able to get out walking every morning this week, sometimes even twice. The fresh air does me loads of good and clears my head. I do have a feeling that tomorrow morning though I will be using the treadmill (we are in the midst of a good old fashioned snow storm).

Leftovers are packaged up daily and used for another meal. Tomorrows meal will be leftover rice made into fried rice, home made stir fry that was leftover, and some sweet and sour pork that was leftover as well. That will clean my fridge out nicely for the upcoming week.

I have been carefully following my menu plan (trading the clean out the fridge night though) and this is helping me to use up what I have in my freezer and cupboards. I am also doing more appliance cooking. Using a slow cooker, microwave, rice cooker and my ActiFry uses much less power than the oven. I even made a loaf of bread one morning in my bread machine. I mean totally in the machine. The loaf is strange, but tastes just as good.

I downloaded some free Kindle books onto my tablet and along with the free Kobo books and books that I have bought very inexpensively I should be set for this month's reading material. That is if I ever make it through Eat, Pray, Love (another very inexpensive book I picked up at the Salvation Army store a few weeks ago).

I am also using up items from my stash, both my yarn and fabric stashes. No need to buy anything as I have more than enough to work with. It may take some changing of colour schemes, but that is half the fun of creating.

I combined my trip in the car going to the bank and grocery shopping. I hope to do that much more this year. Keeps me from just running out to pick something up for the sake of getting out of the house. Gas is dropping in price and that is a very good thing. We should be well under budget for that if the drop continues and I continue to keep my driving to a minimum.

This will be a year of using up, making do, or doing without. Just hope I am up to the challenge.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Wow! You are truly motivating me, Jackie! Thank you!!

  2. I have Eat,Pray,Love in my book pile waiting to be read. It is in large print, bought from the library who were selling it off, so it's quite a large book. Hoping to read it soon.

    I like your planner ideas. Very organised and frugal too.