Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Tid Bits

Today has been a rather blustery day here on the prairies.

This was taken by someone on the way to Regina. Visibility was almost nil when the wind gusts would happen.

A perfect day to stay safe inside and get some work done.

I decided that today I would clean out the china cabinet. After 3 hours washing everything, drying everything it was done. I also got a lovely boxful of items to recycle to those who can use them.

Notice even more wicker baskets..... Where on earth do I get all of them from? There are another 25 items in here and hopefully they will be joined by even more when I clean the curio cabinet.

Supper was very simple tonight. Hamburgers and french fries according to what Harvey wanted.

My Christmas gift from Harvey got another work out. I love this appliance. It is an ActiFry by TFal and only uses a spoonful of oil to get lovely crispy fries. The hardest part of the whole thing is drying all the potatoes after cutting and washing them. Best of all because you use so little oil, they aren't as bad health wise as making them in the oven, much crispier as well. Frugal as well as the appliance plugs into an outlet!!!

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Jackie that looks like a great gift! I have not seen them advertised yet. I will be interested to hear if you really love this new appliance. Less oil and crispy fries would be wonderful!

  2. Do you really get crisp fries from that gadget?
    If so I want one ☺️

  3. Yes Maggie you do get crisp fries. The booklet that comes with it says to cook them for 45 minutes and it is so much fun to watch them turning colour. My cousin has had one longer than me and she told me the longer you leave them in the crisper they get.

  4. Shawn so far I am loving this machine. I just wish a person could do fried fish (it breaks up due to the stirring paddle) and donuts.