Friday, January 9, 2015

Frugal Friday

Frugal wise I am doing pretty well this week.

Between using items up, and finding recipes to make new and exciting meals I feel like I have done my best.

Blinds and drapes have been opened during the day to take advantage of the sun's heat and light. It is truly amazing how the south facing windows heat the whole house when the sun shines. The furnace hardly turns on at all during the day. As soon as the sun goes down the blinds and insulating drapes are closed to keep in all the lovely heat.

My meals have been planned around leftovers and what I have in my freezer, cupboards and fridge. Today, I went shopping and stuck to my list. This is the first time I have bought any real amount of groceries in two weeks. Even then my bill was not too high.

I have been using sample sized and hotel freebies for creme rinse.

Rinsed out bottles to get the last little bit of things like ketchup, dish soap, conditioner, and bath gel. In some cases there is enough left for two or three more usages.

I am wearing an apron when cooking to keep my clothing clean longer. I am finding if I do this I can wear my trousers for three days.

However I think I could use a full body apron or a couple more of these half aprons.

Lights are being turned off in rooms not in use.

I am also using up those bits and bobs of yarn knitting mittens and neck warmers (pictures hopefully tomorrow).

We want to paint our walls in the living room and dining room so purchased a pint of paint in one colour we are considering. Paid for that via a gift card so no money out of pocket!!

This is the colour I really like (don't know what that white dot is perhaps glare???). One pint gave this small wall two coats, so I am really hoping that Harvey likes it.... He does say it is growing on him, he would prefer a lighter colour.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I like the color. At least you got a small amount of paint ... we bought a gallon, then realized it looked awful on the wall!