Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Thriftiness

Well, today can not be called my thriftiest day, as I had a dental appointment, but it is for days like today that I am as thrifty as I can possibly be.

We have finished painting our living room and dining room and the next few days will be spent getting it back together. As Harvey said we could have contracted the work out and spent well over $1,500.00 to get it done quickly (probably more as we have lots of taping that needed to be done and that adds to the cost) or spend a bit longer and live with a bit of a mess and get it done for $200.00. Guess which way we went? We would still have had to move all the furniture, and I mean all the furniture out for the painters and then would not have been half as comfortable as we were doing half the rooms, moving things back and doing the other half.

This also gave me a chance to do some decluttering, and deep cleaning. Win/Win, as far as I am concerned.

I have also been using up bits and bobs of yarn. I managed to get 5 small pairs of mittens out of a skein of light blue yarn (and a couple of small balls I had rolled up from knitting a baby sweater). I have now started knitting some slippers. I should be able to use up the navy yarn and perhaps get a couple of pairs of the smaller sized. I hate to waste anything and have a box that is full of yarn leftovers. Great way to finally get started on that extra income source I have talked about for years.

I am going to get some lovely small items made up for very little in the cost department. Perfect for those thrifty shoppers who are not knitters.

Being thrifty does not mean being cheap. It means using what you have to the best possible advantage.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Amen on using what you have to the best advantage.
    You've inspired me .. I spent some time last night cleaning out a portion of my sewing/junk collecting room. It was mostly a matter of putting things away, but I did throw out/donate some stuff.