Monday, January 19, 2015

Menu Monday

Ahh, another week, another menu. I actually did very well sticking to my menu from last week. Here is hoping for the same results this week.


Fresh Honey Garlic Sausage, pasta and carrots.


Leftover Ham from the fridge freezer. I am thinking of something along the lines of a pasty type meal. Think I will use pie dough rather than the dough the recipe calls for though.


I have a clean out the fridge night planned. However I am not sure if I will do this on this day or in fact today (Monday). I am working until 4 tonight and there is plenty in the fridge to clean out.... Could be a switch here.


We have not had a roast in so long that I think I will make one today. Make lovely mashed potatoes, and green beans to go along.


Perogy meal coming up.


I have an abundance of chicken wings that I would like to try doing up in my Actifry. I am sure I can find a recipe for them some where.


Roast Pork and all the trimmings.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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  1. I don't have a menu plan but yesterday I was thinking of Pasta e fagioli soup so I made a big pot of Great Northern Beans late in the day. I've found that if you bring them to a boil covered in water, turn off and let sit for an hour, rinse and then cook, it doesn't take them long to get tender. I started that process as soon as I returned after giving the Princess a ride home from band practice at 1:30. Honey Bear harvested some Rutabagas from the garden, peeled, chopped and simmered them. That was dinner with some leftover cornbread. He's just had the same thing for lunch today. I need to get those beans in the soup pot while there is still enough of them. The Beef roast sounds good. Its been way to long since we had any.
    Mama Bear