Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

I would love to say this was the thriftiest of all Tuesdays, but it wasn't.

I had to go shopping and buy Harvey his low dose aspirin and his weekly gum dose so decided that perhaps I would shop for groceries, thus saving a trip later in the week.

The shop was mostly dairy and fresh veggies and fruit. Considering how much the cost of everything is rising I kept the bill to just over $100.00 (or just about 45 pounds). I did manage to save almost $11.00 on my bill though and that makes me happy.

I made chili tonight and made enough for another meal later this week, plus a tin foil TV dinner type for Kris. This saves me time on those busy days and gives Kris a chance to save a bit of cash towards a down payment on a house or on a new car down the road a piece. That is if he still has a job. This economic downturn in the oil patch is slowly but surely trickling down to other areas.

My friend (the one who is having so many problems with her knees), works at 7-11 and she says they are extremely quiet. She figures the boss is going to have to start laying off people very soon. She just hopes it isn't her.

I went for my usual morning walk (I will be missing this tomorrow morning as I am subbing) and then a shorter afternoon walk.

I spent time in the sewing room working on the coat lining. I did manage to get a bit done, but man is that lining fabric ever slippery!! Even using the walking foot I had a few problems. Just going slow and steady. Hoping to finish most of it by the weekend.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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