Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Yoho Vacation Part 2

After spending the first night in our cozy chalet, we ventured out into the park.

Our first stop was the visitor center in the village of Field, B.C. We picked up a map and decided on what spots we wanted to hike first, and then made a trip into the small town to check it out.

Lots of old buildings for Canada. Painted in such lovely colours.

This blue establishment housed a pottery. According to the lady that owned said establishment it was over 100 years old. The stairs to the top gallery were very shallow, and were of different heights. Her husband and daughter were also potters and the quality was beautiful. We ended up purchasing two lovely wine goblets.

We then went to the look out that allowed us to see over the Kicking Horse River. You can't really tell but the river looked like a giant braid. There were large and small areas of glacial gravel deposited that the river twisted and turned through.

Then it was into the car and driving to our first hike of our vacation.

We stopped along the way to take a picture of more tunnels through one of the smaller mountains. 

Continuing our drive we came upon an opportunity to take a picture of two rivers meeting. One was clean and the other was rather cloudy. It was filled with glacial silt and hadn't had a chance to deposit it yet.

We traveled further up the road to the parking and began our hike. This was to see the Takakkaw Falls.

We actually made it right to the bottom, but did not clamber around on the rocks as the mist and water made it very slippery, even on the path.

This falls tumbles 254m (830 feet) in one fell swoop and then continues to fall another 130 meters for a total of 384 meters or 1,260 feet. This is among the highest falls in Canada.

While heading back down to our second hike of the day we came in contact with the first (and only)wild life that we were able to see. This herd of elk were sunning themselves in a clearing by the road. The conservation officers were close by to make sure that no one ventured too close.

Our second and last hike for the day took us to a natural bridge.

This actually started out as a small waterfall, but as the water found a way through a crack the bridge was formed. 

Down the trail a piece (we had to drive a bit first), we parked at the trail head to see Emerald Lake. 

Isn't it a beautiful blue green. We could have rented canoes and gone out to explore some more, but the clouds were moving in, and it was getting dark. 

We headed back to the chalet and a well deserved rest.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. What a gorgeous area. I love the waterfall, the emerald lake and the historic buildings. What a nice vacation, Jackie.