Friday, November 29, 2019

Frugal Friday

Cold and gloomy day here in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan. The wind is howling, just like it did yesterday and I am developing the usual headache from the accumulation of wind days. Taking a tablet before too long.

One great thing about this kind of weather is I don't really want to leave the house for any reason. Thus frugality reigns.

1.  Used up remnants of fabric to cut out more patterns. I actually managed a dress from one remnant (it will be a spring summer dress), a pair of pants from another, and a t-shirt from yet another. No real waste at all as the scraps have been put in the scrap bag.

2.  Combined errands this week to save on gas and vehicle wear.

3.  While this does not sound very frugal we decided to try out new places rather than the dealership for work on our vehicle. We will not use Great Canadian Oil Change as it is almost double what it costs at the dealership (would not have known this if we had not tried it out) and KalTire charges about $5 more to exchange the tires to snow tires. The good thing is KalTire is closer and the work is done much faster.

4.  Using up food in the fridge freezer again this week. Just a couple of bags, but gone is gone.

5.  Grocery savings for this week amounted to $25.13. Not bad considering a great many baking supplies were purchased. Even though the products were on sale, they were still more than I had really thought they would be.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. I really enjoy taking bags OUT of the freezer. I like the space created for more interesting things. After about 20lbs of gooseberries gone into desserts I feel good about having room for a chicken!!

  2. I was gone from the house for 8 hrs yesterday doing errands. I shouldn't feel sorry for myself. There was wait time, a quick lunch at the deli, a visit with friends over coffee, and the hour commute time. I wonder how I got everything done when I was working. I do know; they were spread through out the week - lunch breaks were spent doing errands or they were done on the way home. When it came to vehicle maintenance, I'd drop my vehicle off and it would be ready at the end of the work day; no waiting. A car wash was thrown in yesterday when I took the car in for an oil change. Thank you!!

  3. I use KalTire for most of my maintenance as the dealership was a real pain to get to, while Kal is a 15 minute walk from my home. Sometimes proximity and convenience is worth a few extra dollars.

    Have a great Sunday!