Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Calm Before The Storm

Today while not warm, really was quite nice. However we are supposed to be having quite the snow storm hitting us over the next three days. Perfect for staying inside and getting Christmas baking and sewing done.

My errands were all ran today in an effort not to have to go anywhere tomorrow. Harvey will be taking the car to get the tires retorqued. I don't want to navigate through snow, and he knows that I am not comfortable driving through deep snow. He is much better at that type of thing.

Dental appointment went well. I can feel the difference having nice clean teeth. My next appointment is in March of next year.

Bought some reference books for the sewing room. A lady I know very well was selling them on one of the garage sale sites.

There are three more that didn't make it into the picture. In glancing through them this afternoon before my appointment I can see lots of tricks and new ideas to make my sewing that much better. On some of the blogs I visit the ladies are way above my simple sewing level.

Harvey took the snow blower in to be fixed. This seems to be a regular occurrence right now. I guess we will both be out shoveling the snow that falls the next few days.

Welcome to my new follower on Bloglovin.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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