Friday, December 18, 2020

Frugal Friday


Not the most frugal of weeks for two reasons.

The first being when we took our vehicle in to switch over the All Season to Winter tires there arose a bit of a problem. Seems our old rims would not fit on the new vehicle. This made us buy new rims.... And then the sensors were in the wrong place and those had to be changed as well. We also have to take it back in to get some kind of protective thing on the rims we bought. So after close to a $800.00 job we will have another smaller bill to pay when the parts come in.

Next I decided to do a big shop at Walmart so that I can stay out of there for at least a month (things are going to be crazy no matter where we go, but one crazy I can take...two crazies not so much). The bill was higher than I thought it would be, but we are now set.

Now on to what was actually frugal this week.

1.  Went shopping at our Co-op for groceries and the bill was pretty reasonable and I managed to save $27.95 on the total bill just buying sale items.

2.  Either walked outside or on the treadmill for my exercise this week.

3.  Using up all the bits from the fridge.

4.  Shopping my shelves and using substitutions for ingredients where I can.

5.  Baked bread twice this week.

Probably many more but my mind is not functioning quite right. Thoughts of what still needs to be done before Christmas are running through my head constantly.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I use all season tyres - I don't know if anyone in the UK changes for the season - but it seems to me that being able to afford good safety is a very good reason to be frugal as much as one can. I can think of few better things to spend money on.

  2. Making bread whether frugal or not, very satisfying and very tasty. My hubby made some this week and it was delicious, with butter of course.

  3. I cheat with the bread and use a breadmaker but it is just out and smelling divine. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  4. It will all get done, it always does. But I know what your talking about. I'm vowed to get all the Christmas stuff done early next year and stay out of the stores.

  5. I had to stop at Walmart yesterday, bad idea! I thought I was going early enough but the store was packed. And it as it turned out they didn't have the one item I wanted so I was in an out in relatively short order. I'll order groceries again for pick-up later this week but I am NOT going in the store!

    This week will fly by in a flash and Christmas will be here. Enjoy your time with your sons (and husband).
    Take care and stay well!

  6. We too are using up all the tidbits in the refrigerator and substituting ingredients where we can. I've been trying to get all the clothes inventory steamed and processed for dd to photograph and list. Hopefully we will be done this weekend and can enjoy the week leading up to Christmas. I hope you have a good weekend, Jackie.

  7. I've been running back and forth in the back room for my exercise this week - 3 km run.