Saturday, February 13, 2021

Saturday Roundup


Being this has been the coldest week of the winter in Saskatchewan I have not been going out walking as much as I would have liked.

I have bundled up and done a couple of walks once the sun came out and the temperatures reached at least -30. Going with the wind was lovely, going against the wind was another story all together. It is supposed to warm up this coming week so hopefully I will be able to get out and about a bit more.

I have not really finished any big projects, and the ones I did finish still need to be blocked, my yarn choices were perhaps not the best hence the necessary blocking. 

I am hopeful of being able to share my 1976 temperature blanket with all of you tomorrow. Then it will be back to hand quilting and getting a binding on the last of the two quilt tops I made a couple of months ago. Harvey has taken over the last one I made. He says it is nice and soft (all done with flannelette squares) and the perfect size for him to use curled up on his recliner. This one will not be as soft so perhaps he won't take it over.

Other then that it has been a waiting game here. Waiting for a lowering of cases here, waiting for a vaccine and waiting for spring to arrive. 

Oh yes, I am still adding blogs to my sidebar, and I even managed to get a couple of pages added to the blog.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It is super cold here In twin the wind makes it so much worse. But you are by far colder.

  2. minus 30! That does sound cold. We just have constant rain.

  3. Yes, it seems to be a waiting game all the way around, doesn't it, Jackie. I'm waiting along with you. ~Andrea xoxo

  4. The forecast looks good but it's sure still cold out there this morning. I've been walking inside at least 30 minutes a day but I definitely am looking forward to walking outdoors again. You're a brave woman to take on the cold weather.

    Take care, stay well!

  5. I do not miss the days of Chicago weather and that ice cold wind. My heart goes out to you!