Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday

 Still in the deep freeze here. Wind chills are brutal and Harvey's truck will not start. Tomorrow he plans on phoning CAA to get them to come and give him a boost. He doesn't want to use our car to boost the truck just in case he ends up draining the battery in the car as well. 

What thrifty things have I been up to since last Tuesday. Hmmm.

I have continued baking bread. The new recipe is turning out wonderfully.

I mended a pair of Harvey's pj bottoms and a seam in a t-shirt that he wears to sleep in.

I have registered for a free Zoom class on annuals for this Thursday.

I made my felt circles to go between my pots to save them from getting more scratches.

Used up three skeins of yarn finally. I made a scarf, a cowl and another evening poncho (which I will need to fix as I sewed something wrong). 

I have also been using up items from the freezer and making sure nothing goes to waste. 

So another week is slowly going by. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. boy that is scary having it so cold your car doesn't start and then maybe losing the use of the other. We lived in Wyoming for about two years and this was our life.

  2. Life is a little slow of late here too, the pandemic has a lot to answer to.

  3. "Another week is slowly going by"... that sums life up in a nutshell for us too, Jackie. You said it perfectly! ~Andrea xoxo

  4. I've been catching up with your last few posts, Jackie, and you seem to be doing well with sorting out 'stuff and with your meal planning too. It all sounds delicious. Sometimes I am finding it hard to fill the day right now. All I seem to think about is food shopping and then cooking! Sorry to hear about the truck not starting. It can be such a worry, can't it. Hope you feel better and had a good night's sleep last night, and that you can get your mens. Fibromyalgia is very painful x

  5. Oh no, on his truck not starting. I remember back when I was growing up, keep the batteries warm when it was so cold outside, we would bring them into the house to keep them warm. I do not miss any of that. Ugh.

  6. We definitely need CAA memberships here on the Prairies. My Dad started buying my membership when I was just 13 and continued to do so until I was about 40 and told him I could do it myself. I'm sure I've not used the amount we paid in all those years but there have been many times when its been useful. Now I purchase memberships for my children and will do so for a little while yet.

    Take care, stay well!