Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sunday Ramblings


Not too much happening around here. It has been so very cold since Thursday. The temperature just keeps dropping, but the sun is out and standing in front of the window in our living room warms me up nicely. In looking at the long term weather forecast I don't see much of a change happening all I see is cold and more cold. I do hope they are wrong, which usually can happen when looking so far ahead.

Once again I watched Mass on the live stream. Kind of different not needing to dress before, and really worrying about whether or not the vehicle will start once it has been sitting in the cold for an extended period of time. We have a very long winded priest, and if he could keep us there I have a feeling Mass would be 2 hours long. As it is, sometimes he has stretched it to almost that length of time. When it is -40C cars sometimes have a problem starting after sitting for that length of time.

Lent is coming and I am trying to figure out what I am going to do to enhance my Lenten experience. There are a few studies that I am looking at, and I think I just may try and give extra to the food bank here in the city.

This cold snap has made me more achy and tired than before. I am sleeping well, so my tiredness is not from that. I am thinking that perhaps I am in for a bout of my fibromyalgia starting. Or I guess I could be coming down with a lovely cold. We shall see what the next week brings, and I will keep right on pushing to get things done. 

I have tidied and organized one section of the storage in the basement. There are a few boxes that I will put in the recycling bin, and some cushions need to be put on one of the shelves. I can already see a big difference. We really must get out of the habit of just piling things up in this open area. It is right by the door so it is very easy just to drop whatever right there.

Next week I will start on the second storage area. This could take awhile longer as there is quite a bit in this area to sort. My totes of yarn are in this area as well as Christmas décor and some of Harvey's extra tools. We also have our wine storage cupboard here as well. Then there is the box that Harvey made to store our potatoes and onions in. That definitely needs a clean out. I am hoping that there will be more recycled and donated from this area.

I have been working on my projects and have not finished a single one. I am hoping that by tonight one of the smaller ones will be ready for the finishing touches. I guess that is what happens when you move between projects often. Oh well, it keeps me from getting bored with one project and I am always excited to return to it.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You always stay so busy and get so much accomplished! Sometimes changing up projects helps to keep us going. When we are in a cold spell I have a lot of trouble with getting achy too. I think the cold makes arthritis worse in my case. You take care and stay warm!

  2. I think a cold snap always triggers my arthritis. Take care, don't work too hard said the pot to the kettle...

  3. My bones are extra achy too, Jackie, so I'm hoping your problem is the extreme cold also and not sickness. Lent has been on my mind as well, wondering what to offer up. It seems my mind is always set to "giving up" rather than "doing", for Lent. I like your idea about the food bank.

    I am Catholic "in heart" and from my childhood but The Husband is not, so we attend a local Vineyard church. It's funny how I love "long sermons" now, as they seem to have much more meaning and practical application to everyday life. But I miss the beautiful statues, lit candles, incense, and historical architecture of the local Catholic church I used to attend. My heart will always be there and I've often thought of attending by myself Saturday 4pm Mass and then going to the Vineyard church with hubby on Sunday morning. Perhaps I'll do that once this whole virus thing is over. ~Andrea xoxo

  4. I agree about looking forward in the forecast and all I see is a repeat repeat repeat as if their meteorologist's needles are stuck. Here is is -9, -9 -9 etc. LOL Could be worse and although I've always told Bill not to look so far ahead because it will change, I don't think it will this time. :)
    I'm like you with projects on the go and maybe that is the only reason why I wish I had a sticks and bricks home again. I'd like my craft room where all those things can sit and wait for me and my mood. Ha ha
    Enjoy, stay warm and well. Our Ontario Emergency Lockdown 'might' end today but with still colour coded restrictions.
    Sorry for the long comment! Yikes!