Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday


Summer brings other expenses, but I have managed to keep spending on yard items to a minimum so far this year. We could use another umbrella on the deck, but that might have to wait for another year or until I can find one on our online garage sale sites. We shall see what happens. 

Thrifty happenings here this past week have been small but mighty.

I made sugar scrub as I have gone through the scrubs I have made previously.

Windows open at night when it has cooled off. 

Using up items in my fridge and pantry well.

Getting rhubarb harvested in the garden and either freezing for use later in the year or using up now. I would love to try and make rhubarb vodka or brandy. Need to get on that with the next harvest.

Making sweets for later in the summer when it gets too hot to bake very much. 

Cut up some t-shirts to use for rags. 

Tried out my new wet mop pads, and will need to tweak them a bit.

Not using the stove or oven as much, finding different ways of cooking our meals. This keeps the house cooler.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. As always Jackie some great thrifty ideas.

  2. Things do tend to accumulate in our fridge. With 2 boys at home science experiments are bound to happen in there, so I've got to keep up with it. It has cooled down a bit here too, I made an Impossible pie yesterday.

  3. Your frugalness is an inspiration, Jackie! I wish we could have our windows open but here in the woods the spiders are *humungous* and they always manage to sneak in through the "leaky" screens. I always open the back door and then open my porch windows, so the fresh air gets into my house that way but... inside the house itself the windows stay closed in summer. :-( I can't wait to live in town where the spiders are smaller. ~Andrea xoxoxo

  4. I was able to get rhubarb at in laws an it is in the freezer.

  5. Some great money saving tips there. Every little helps.