Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thursday Tidbits


Well it has been a very hot two days and tomorrow is not going to be any better. There is a chance of a storm in the afternoon. Hopefully not when we go to get our second jabs. 

Since it has been so warm I have not ventured outside in the heat of the day. Instead I have been working in the house and trying to get a bit ahead on those monthly goals. 

Today I actually finished hemming two pairs of the pants my friend gave me to do for her Dad and tonight I hope to cut the other pair to ready them for sewing...Difficult when they have a knit cuff that they want rid of. Hopefully I can get those cut off reasonably straight.

I also snuck out for about 15 mins and gave my plants a fairly good watering. I will probably do the same tomorrow morning. This heat really dries the pots and baskets out. I still need to weed, but that will be accomplished bit by bit whenever the heat allows.

I am about halfway finished my first Secret Santa scarf, just another three evenings of knitting should see it done and dusted. I really would like to get a couple or even three done this month.

No work on the cross stitch, but once all the sewing is done I will get back to it.

Blocks are chosen for the next quilt top and I hope to start that right after I finish the two patterns I have had cut out for awhile.

So as you can see my days are full even if I can't get outside. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Your days are indeed full Jackie. I do admire the way you always have something on the go.

  2. I agree with Frugally challenged! Your days are incredibly packed.

    It looks like we'll have a break from this heat on Sunday but I'd be happy to see some rain with any storm that comes.

    Glad you're getting your second vaccine today!

  3. You are just happy to stay busy and that is a good thing my friend.