Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday

Happy Tuesday blogging friends. It has been a quiet day at home. I did send Harvey to buy some new clothes as his jeans and pants are getting pretty bad. He is keeping a couple of pairs for working around the house and yard.

So what are the thrifty happenings here on the old homestead.

1.  I fixed a seam on a pair of my shorts and the fly on a pair of Harv's boxers.

2.  I am cleaning out leftovers from the fridge with great success. Either using them in new ways or having them for lunches.

3.  I fixed a pair of sandals. Not the best repair job, but hopefully they last for at least this summer.

4.  Using up yarn from my stash knitting those Secret Santa scarves.

5.  Foraged some extra rhubarb from the neighbour. Free food is always great.

6.  Saved some plastic bags to use for weeding my flower beds.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You sure do stay busy and get a lot done. I wish I had some of your energy! Take care Jackie!

  2. Well done for repairing shoes not something that I have ever attempted.

  3. I love repairing things, as it keeps them in circulation longer. Right now, I'm working on conserving/saving water as we are having a terrible drought & approaching fire season. I have a lot of room to learn about this.

  4. Did Harvey have a melt down having to buy new clothes? My husband does. I love the simple things you do to save money.

  5. You always have a varied list! I remember my Mom's rhubarb crisp with fondness. Not something we see sold in S. Cal.