Thursday, June 17, 2021

Thursday Tidbits


Slowly working my way through the various projects I want to get done this month. I also managed a bit of baking and soup making over the past week.

Here are some pictures with my rather old digital camera. 

A package of Butternut Squash being used to make soup. I managed to get 2 lovely containers into the freezer.

Two zucchini loafs are wrapped and in the freezer as well. This used up a bag of shredded zucchini from our freezer.

Three Apple Crisps made from two containers of homemade pie filling from the freezer.

I also made two Rhubarb crisps that I did not take a picture of, and chopped up plenty for the freezer as well. 

My cross stitch is moving along. I think I should have chosen another colour of background fabris as there is lots of white and paler colours involved in this one.

The top I finished today. I just may have to take it in a bit as I keep losing the weight I gained over the past year.

So that's all from around here for now. Hopefully more projects will be done over the next week. Got to get that list pared down quickly.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. You really accomplished a lot! It's great to have so much in your freezer for quick meals and treats. It saves time and money too. The top you made looks like a great one for summer. It looks very cool and comfortable. Take care Jackie!

  2. A very pretty top, Jackie. Navy and white always look fresh.

  3. Lots of yummy looking baking, making me feel hungry. Love the top, very pretty.

  4. Sometimes I envy the bigger freezer but our living environment doesn't allow it! ha ha Everything looks so yummy and will provide you with good meal & dessert choices.

  5. Lovely top and I wish I had all those yummy things in my freezer.

  6. I love soft colours on white. Looking good on the cooking/baking front.

  7. Wow, you're making some incredible progress on your projects. Having to take the top in, rather than out, is generally a good thing. :)

  8. Cooking, baking, cross-stitch, and sewing.... sounds like a busy happy homestead! I love that top, Jackie! It looks so nice & cool. ~Andrea xoxoxo

  9. You are so busy and productive. That food looks so good, wish I had the time to do some batch cooking.