Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Has Winter Arrived?

 Well, what a change in the weather. We have gone from above average temperatures, in fact a few days of record breaking high, to what could be considered fall temperatures, to today. 

Today we are well below normal and are having a mix of rain and snow. The ground is still fairly warm so the snow is not sticking, but as most of my family says...We are not ready for this yet.

Harvey has been working on getting things winterized in the yard, but there is still plenty to do. The garden refuse that did not fit in the garbage bin needs to be taken to the dump, the lights need to be brought in and more of the ornaments put away. 

Raking need to take place under the deck and the garden should be worked up (it was so dry that it was as hard as rock). 

Inside, I need to make some new draft dodgers, get some curtains made for the hall (or bought), and heavier blankets need to be put on the beds. At least I managed to get our winter clothes out and the summer things put away.

I started work on Kurt's Christmas quilt.

It seems a bit bright to me, but I am pretty sure he will really like it. Now I need to look for a quilt or a knitted blanket for Kris that involves cats. He does love his cat Eiko so I will continue to search for ideas.

Got my hair cut today, took all of about 15 minutes and cost over $40.00. Ouch. Still it needs to be done or I look like a shaggy dog.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I love Kurt's quilt! He must be a super hero fan. I've seen a lot of fabric with cats on it, if Kris loves cats. It has finally cooled a little here. I'm just happy we no longer need the air conditioner!

  2. I like the quilt too, it's very colorful! Your boys are lucky to have a talented mom. I bought my son a duvet and cover earlier this year as the one I gave him for Christmas a couple of years ago fell apart. Fingers crossed this one lasts a little longer.

    We're getting the weather you had yesterday this morning. I took out the garbage bin this morning, and it had a light dusting of snow on it. This weekend will be busy as the containers have to be pulled now. :)

    Take care, stay well.

  3. That's a beautifully bright quilt. I bet Kurt will love it.

  4. oh my goodness snow, I hope you keep it in your neck of the woods!! It's still super warm here. No heating on yet! Lovely present for Kurt.

  5. That quilt is lovely. It is so slow here I may start on a quilt!

  6. I just left a comment on your previous post and now I read this one and my first thought was - oh, I DO something thrifty - since Covid hit I haven't been to the hairdresser and instead Resident Chef cuts my hair. He does a great job and at this point I seriously doubt I'll be paying the big bugs for a 'real' haircut for a long time to come.
    Weather is still on the warm side here but they're predicting a cold snap next week.