Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday Tidbits


The day has been overcast and rainy once again. Harvey said we got 18mm as of 6 pm tonight. However the temperature is dropping and pretty soon this lovely rain will more than likely change to the white stuff. Much too early (well probably 2 weeks too early for our first snow fall) and we usually see this closer to Halloween.

Bible study ended very early today, it didn't even last an hour. That meant I could help clean up before heading home to get Harvey for our appointment. Kind of nice, but very strange. I wonder how long my session will take. I kind of want to do the leading thing properly, but when someone cuts a 90 minute meeting down to 45 minutes that makes a person wonder if too much time is being allowed for the whole thing. Well I will do my best that is all that can be asked of me.

We are having a slight problem with our bank right now. It seems that they took out the cheques that we gave the boys twice. I called the bank about it and was told head office was working on it and if the money was not back in our account by the end of 2 weeks we should let them know again. I am actually hoping it is back by tomorrow. However I will transfer cash from savings so that bills can be paid and I can rest a bit easier. I was also told any fees would be given back to us. Sure hope that is true.

For the first time ever Harvey and I got our flu jabs. My arm is sore and I bled a bit, which in my case is perfectly normal. Harvey of course didn't bleed, and still does not have a sore arm. 

Other than those bits of excitement, this day has been pretty much a regular Thursday. I did some housework, worked on pinning the quilt blocks which will be sewn at some point tomorrow. 

I have made my grocery list, and am slowly but surely getting the hang of only shopping every two weeks. I believe I will be buying more frozen veggies though and the fresh produce will be used up the first week. Fruit wise I will be buying more canned as well. It isn't as healthy for you, but will make a nice change from apples and oranges over the next few months. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I've just been invited for a flu jab. I've never had one before though. Not sure if I want to get it or not.

  2. How strange that the bank thinks it could take two weeks or more to fix their error. Hope your arm feels better today but good for you for getting your flu shots.

  3. We are doing some grocery shopping list making today too. Prices just keep going up and up. ugh.

  4. Wow - good thing you keep an eye on your bank account! So many people don't and it makes me wonder how often things like this slip through. I worked in a bank (a very long time ago!) and I'm meticulous about balancing the bank books every month.
    btw - a teeny hint about bananas (if you eat them)....I stumbled across a tip somewhere online that suggested that when the bananas reach the degree of ripeness you prefer, separate them and then refrigerate them. The skins may turn a little black but the fruit will stay for several weeks without ripening further.

  5. I had my flu shot yesterday as well. I've been getting them for that last few years and have never any major reaction. My arm was a little sore this morning but after moving it about a bit it's been fine.

    The forecast for the weekend looks a lot better, so hopefully that white stuff stays away for several weeks yet. Fingers crossed!

  6. Isn't it funny how we all react differently to shots? I was so afraid hub's would be really sick from his flu shot and he was not this time. I have yet to get mine.