Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday

 I have made it through the first week without shopping, that is a great thrifty move considering what I spent. I do know that I will need to go and get milk, and salad fixings just to make it through Kurt and Kris being home.

I got some free Christmas Cards in the mail. There was also a pair of socks, a pen, and a pad of paper with my name on it. Now this was sent by the Canadian Cancer Society and they are asking for a donation. I always donate anyway so getting a few items for relatively little cost is awesome.

I discovered that the wool yarn I was using to make the dryer balls is not suitable...Need to find some yarn that is suitable. However this yarn will not go to waste, I will unwind the balls and use them to knit mitts. We are always losing mitts around here.

I darned a pair of socks, fixed the neckline on a nightgown, and sewed a seam on Harvey's boxers. 

I have decided to hand quilt my quilt. It will take awhile but I will be saving electricity and a bit of earthy language on my part. 

I was asked how I was making my dryer balls and thought I should maybe let you all know.

I need to use yarn that is 100% wool and not treated so that it can be washed. I wound the yarn in balls of about 3 to 4 inches in size. Worked the loose end in with a yarn needle so it was hidden inside the balls (that is going to be fun to find to unwind said balls). Placed the balls in a stocking tying them off in between each ball with some twine I had saved. 

I then threw the stocking in the washer and using hot water put them through a wash cycle. Once they were finished in there I threw them in the dryer. 

Took them out hoping they were felted into lovely balls... That is when I discovered my mistaken thought that all wool is equal. They were not even close to be felted. 

My next stock up trip to the big city will be me looking for the right type of wool. 

To say I am disappointed is an understatement, but I learned something new.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Thanks for the instructions on making the dryer balls. I would love to make some for stocking stuffers for grown-up stockings. I hope you and Harvey are having a good week!

  2. Good on you for not shopping. I'll be heading out again tomorrow. We don't need a lot but I have a tendency to pick up items on sale for the pantry. It's pretty full so last week's costs were about 65% of what I'd been spending normally each week. It helped that I reorganized the freezer and discovered I had lots of meat.

    Take care, stay well.

  3. I'm sorry your dryer balls didn't work out as expected - hopefully you'll have better luck with some new yarn. We're trying to avoid the grocery store too - hate shopping anyway so it's really not such a hardship. Next week I suspect we'll be doing a curb-side pickup because we're due to run out of fruit and fresh vegs.