Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saturday Roundup and A Bit of Catching Up (Yet Again).


I did the budget entries yesterday and am quite happy with the results. While as usual I was over in the grocery department, we were under budget in all other areas. Under total budget by a great deal as well. Makes me very happy.

We had a meeting with our financial person at the bank and Harvey has moved his RRSP into a RIFF. We don't have to touch this until the new year and she put it in my name so the tax hit will be slightly lower. I then moved around some of the money in one of my GIC's and told her that very soon we will more than likely be moving cash into our Tax Free Savings Accounts. Better the money in our pockets than the governments.

Worked on a few of the monthly project goals and and a bit of extra cleaning was done. Garden harvested except for the peppers and eggplant, which I hope to get done in the upcoming week.

I had a meeting last night at the church about the Bible Study we are holding. Something very strange happened, when the time came for us to choose what sessions we wished to lead I gave my choice and one of the gentlemen (he is someone I have known for many years as he was a teacher in my husbands hometown) made a huge sigh, rolled his eyes and kind of threw his phone on the table. He also muttered something under his breath, but with a mask on it was hard to make it out. Say what... A man who is probably older than my husband making such a fuss. I was shocked.

So there is the roundup of the weeks highlights.

So now to catch up. Since we had that meeting last night I missed my Frugal Friday post.

1.  All washing on the outside lines.

2.  Turned up the air conditioner as there is no need to keep the house as cool as we do during the very hot summer months.

3.  Opened the windows at night, that cools the house off nicely for most of the morning.

4.  Started my biweekly shopping this week. It went not too badly. However spending such a long time in stores is kind of scary. I hope to cut the shopping time down bit by bit.

5.  Using up small balls of yarn, scraps of fabric, and all leftovers.

6.  Put $55.00 in my savings envelope.

Next on my catching up are the project and other goals I have for this month.

1.  Work on t-shirt rug.

2.  Make Christmas cards.

3.  Cut out pieces for Kurt's Christmas quilt.

4.  Finish my quilt.

5.  Finish Kurt's quilt.

6.  Knit 2 Secret Santa Scarves.

7.  Finish off harvesting the garden and cleaning off the deck.

8.  Remove spring/summer clothes and put in the fall/winter clothes.

9.  Repot lemon trees.

10. Cut more strips from cut up old t-shirts and leftover scraps of knit fabric. 

And if there is time

11. Work on counted cross stitch.

12. Make dryer balls.

So that brings me up to date with what is going on around the old homestead.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Odd reaction from the gentleman at church. Things like that bother me so much. I have trouble stopping myself from thinking about it. I hope that is not true for you.

    We’ve turned our acs up too as it is much cooler this year than at the same time last year.

    Sounds like a good list of goals for the month. I hope you accomplish every one.

  2. If the man had such an issue with your request, he ought to have politely said something. Throwing a hissy fit is not only inappropriate but immature as well.

    Good luck with your projects, I'm sure you'll get things done.

  3. I enjoy reading your goal lists - and manage to feel just a teeny bit guilty because I don't do the same.
    I would have been upset over the reaction of the 'gentleman' at the church and would have pointedly asked him what his problem was. Very rude of him anyway.