Friday, April 15, 2022

Frugal Friday


Well first the news of the day. We are finally dug out for the most part. Clear run from the driveway to the one lane that is cleared on the road, and Harvey's parking space out front is cleared as well. He is however still parked behind me on the driveway at this point in time.

I notified Kurt and Kris that things were cleared out and if they wanted to chance the journey home we were ready for them. 

Kris is a bit nervous at being on the roads right now. He has terrible tires on his vehicle and managed to get stuck 3 times going to work on Wednesday (I think) and his car does not react well to ice. He has decided it will be best to stay put (especially as he again got stuck twice going to get some groceries). He has promised to come home on his next EDO weekend.

Kurt informed me that it was snowing pretty good where he lives in Alberta and was going to stick at home today. Since we are supposed to start getting more snow within the next couple of days I have a feeling he will not be able to come home either. 

This will be the quietest Easter ever for Harvey and I. In fact Harvey came upstairs and said "You aren't going to make the turkey are you?" Of course I answered no, it is a darn big turkey as I like sending leftovers home with the 2 K's. Lots of other food around so there will be no problem changing the menu.

So what frugal things have we been up to.

1.  We did all of the snow clearing ourselves, much to our sons dismay. The snow blower did most of the work with just a bit of shoveling from the two of us. Not at all like the old days before the blower. So we saved on hiring anyone to do it.

2.  Neither Harvey or I drove anywhere at all for three days, thus saving fuel and wear/tear on the vehicles.

3.  Been using appliances to cook meals and have noticed a bit of a drop in the power bill.

4.  Working on using up bits and bobs from my various craft stashes (pictures tomorrow hopefully).

5.  Making sure lights are off in rooms not in use (sometimes difficult as Harvey has a habit of leaving them on in rooms I do not go in much).

6.  Making sure the dishwasher is as full as possible before starting it. Still our water usage is up a bit so I need to figure out how to lower it a bit.

7.  Picked up our income tax and we are getting a very nice refund. This will pay for a new lawn mower (giving the old one to Kris), an electric/gas tree branch trimmer, and if I bat my eyes at Harvey a loom with lots leftover to pay our taxes. 

8.  We get our Carbon tax rebate sent to us differently this year. It is in quarterly payments instead of one fell swoop payment. Our payments will pay for our gas for our vehicles for at least a year or will pay our energy bill for a year. Love having that energy efficient furnace.

Well that is all I can think of right now. 

My back is pretty good right now. I don't over do things, get up and walk frequently, and if I feel any pain at all rest. Hopefully this keeps up, though changes in the weather do affect my back, hips, wrist and knees. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I'm sorry to hear your sons won't be coming home but with those sorts of weather conditions it's just not worth the risk.
    I don't know if what I've done over the past couple of days could be classed as being frugal, but I have sorted through all my fabric bits I had saved for making crazy quilts and (gasp) two full garbage bags are outta here. Most of it only costs a few bucks in the first place (or were gifted to me). It's taken me a couple of years to get to this point but now...hooray.....I have drawers to store my yarn! Frugal in once sense, but not so much if I allow myself to think that I am 'wasting' all that fabric.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that Kurt and Kris can't make it, but it's better safe than sorry. Maybe they'll make it home for the May long weekend and you can cook the turkey then. :)

    Nice to get the refund - hopefully you get the loom you're looking for.

    Stay warm and dry!

  3. I'm sorry the boys won't be able to come home for Easter but with all the snow you've been getting I sure understand it. I know you will miss them but maybe you and Harvey can have a nice day together. I really miss past Easters when we had our boys and later grandchildren also here. Since the grandchildren have been grown it is just the two of us every Easter. I hope you both have a nice weekend.

  4. I had been feeling sad that we have had no real snow all winter but reading this post has made me feel MUCH better!

  5. Whilst it's disappointing that your family won't be home for Easter, it's good that you won't be worrying about them being on the road. We, too, got lots of snow from this storm. ^^

  6. I'd be so disappointed too but its not good to be out during unsafe driving conditions. Even Northern California's mountains are getting snow...