Friday, April 1, 2022

Frugal Friday


First off before I start listing my frugal habits for the week, I thought I had better tell you that I finally got my phone call from the doctor.

My tests came back normal, so I can put my mind to other things for another year. While it is a relief I must continue to monitor my health and if I feel there is something wrong, get to the doctor's immediately so I can be checked out. 

So what frugal happenings are taking place here on the Phillips homestead.

1.  Baked bread, one loaf lasts us for awhile so the next loaf will probably not be made until the 4th or 5th.

2. Picked up some excellent deals at Costco and other than a container of mushrooms did not go off my list.

3.  Some quilts were washed and hung on the lines downstairs. Soon I will be able to hang items outside to dry. So looking forward to that.

4.  Having 2 meatless meals this week and managed to stretch a few Italian sausage and a couple of larger slices of ham to top a pizza. 

5.  Got a free bottle of water and a package of cookies from Bible study.

6.  Harvey finally discovered the joys of shopping at the Dollar Store. 

When I gave my sister the news about my tests she text back that one of my nephews, his wife and their 3 year old son all came down with Covid. There was notice sent from the nursery school that grandnephew attends saying they were closing due to a Covid outbreak. So from that both Karla and Jenssen did a rapid test, discovering both had the virus. After a couple of days Karla phoned our nephew Derek (he works on the farm with his Dad, my BIL) as she was so sick she couldn't get out of bed and Jenssen was not well at all. Jenssen's temperature went sky high and there was a problem keeping it under control. They were told to alternate Tylenol and Motrin to see if that would help. Well right after his first dose of Motrin Jenssen's breathing when haywire, and his face, lips, and eyelids were swelling. Quick trip to the hospital, use of an epipen and he was kept in overnight. Must be allergic to whatever is in Motrin. Two days later Derek came down with the virus (he even wore masks as much as he possibly could). 

Just goes to show you this virus is still with us. Both Derek and Karla were vaccinated and boosted, poor Jenssen wasn't.

I also found out last night that two of the people we know that were totally against the vaccine in any way shape or form, came down with Covid as well. Both ended up in the hospital, the wife is home now, but not the husband. Pretty sure they used religion as a reason for not being vaccinated.... I have always thought "God helps those who help themselves."

Tomorrow I will list what goals I planned for last month were actually done, and give you the new list for this month. I seem to be falling behind a bit lately.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I hope the little wee boy and his parents will be feeling better soon. Very scary that he is allergic to something in Motrin. This virus is definitely still with us. Hopefully your acquaintances survive this lesson.

    AND most of all, I'm so happy to hear your results were good. Take care!

  2. I'm so happy you finally heard back from the doctor. Waiting is usually good news as in No News is Good News but in rare cases it could also be an oversite from the Doctors office. Usually when I have tests, my doctor phones me at home. That's my regular doctor. He is so nice. One time I went to emergency and they called him at home - he came down (this was in the middle of the night) to the hospital. The hospital wouldn't release me due to my very low blood pressure, though that is my normal and so once he came, he cleared it. Then he wheeled me out to my car - I mean how many doctors do that? He's one in a million.

    Covid, ugh! I know its still out there. But I haven't heard anyone around here that is sick - California has opened up or at least my part has. I believe it is here to stay and we have to learn how to live with it and hope for the best.

  3. I'm so happy to hear your tests are normal! That is wonderful. I'm sorry to hear about the family covid outbreak. Cases are down here but I think it will be with us forever like the flu. It is fortunate that most of us have formed the habits of being cautious. Take care Jackie!

  4. So pleased at your "clear" results, even if the rest of your family has health problems. Keep well.

  5. Flag to hear you got a good health report.... Bugger about your family with Covid....

  6. So glad that you got good news from the doctor - that's a huge relief!
    I'm sorry though that your family members are going through the dreaded covid - not something anybody wants. And you're right, the good Lord helps those who helps themselves (in reference to the couple that aren't vaccinated)(

  7. So happy you had good news I have been praying for that. I was pretty sure they would not put you off if it was bad, but still the words are really necessary. Covid will come back again for a rage this summer or next fall I am sure. We still must be vigilant. How scary for that little boy and his parents.