Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thursday Tidbits


Quiet week, one that had us finishing the digging out from the storm on the weekend, and waiting for the city to clean our road. I guess the road out front is as clean as they are going to get it before the next Colorado low hits us this weekend. 

We will see another 25 to 30 cm of snow over Friday and Saturday, with perhaps a little bit more on Sunday. Really getting tired of the winter weather we have been getting. 

One great thing about lousy weather though is the fact that we don't go out a spend money... Not that we do much of that in any case, but it saves on fuel, gets me baking, and working harder on those monthly projects. I may even get most done (well except for the cross stitch as cloudy weather does not allow me to work on that). 

My fridge and freezers are well stocked and we will be able to weather this next front with ease. The only problem is digging out for a third time. 

I am also going to phone our youngest and tell him not to come home if this was his next EDO. We will perhaps go up for a visit sometime soon, drop off the lawn mower, and perhaps even work up his garden with the big tiller. Means taking the truck, and way more gas usage, but that is okay. 

I have the coasters finished now. Not my best work, but they will do. One of the hot pads is ready for the edging, and the second one is sitting by the sewing machine to be done tomorrow. I am hoping to finish both of those tomorrow. My back hurts if I sew for too long so I am setting small goals for each sewing day. Tomorrow I will cut out my knit dress and perhaps start sewing it on Saturday and hopefully finish it on Sunday. It is a relatively easy pattern so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The menu for tomorrow night was to be breakfast for supper. However there is a container of Eggplant Parma upstairs in the fridge freezer so we will have that instead. I can actually use the toaster oven for that. 

Kurt, had his address posted all over the internet awhile back by some not nice people. He took one of them to court and won his case. The person who did it will be charged on May 11th. Hopefully this will cause other nuts to back off. His Dad and I wish he would take more of the bad guys to court, but some things are hard to prove, this wasn't. We are so glad that this will hopefully be over (well over for one person), but as this person is not totally there intellectually I have a feeling he is still going to be posting things. It will just get him into more trouble, but I really don't think he understands that. 

I hope to post a few pictures tomorrow of the finished projects, not too many but there will be one of the coasters and the two napkins. I may even have a photo of what I actually get done on the second pair of socks.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Hello Jackie ... I have been reading of snow on quite a few blogs - it seems strange for spring time that you have snow. I look forward to seeing your finished projects. Take care Jackie xx

  2. Winter weather is sure hanging on this year. It does sound like it helps you to get more done inside. Of course you always get more done than most people I know! I'm looking forward to seeing the coasters.

  3. Sorry to hear about Karl's address being posted on the internet. It's good that he got justice.

  4. Winter just doesn't want to let go does it? I keep hoping we'll have an about turn and the temps will start rising but it isn't looking good for awhile yet.

    Glad to hear Kurt won his case (as he should). I doubt it will keep some of the nut jobs from targeting but at least a few might get the message.

    Take care.

  5. Caught up on your posts, Jackie. We've been hearing about the snow these Colorado lows are bringing you folks...we had 5 cm this week too but it is mostly gone now. Good luck with the knit dress. I think I have a Company's Coming baking book...those ginger snaps sound good. Also very sorry to hear of your son's bad luck with the internet. So many weird things to worry about these days. Hopefully, it will be totally resolved soon. Snowy days are good days for lots of indoor stuff like stitching. Take care!

  6. We have had quite warm days this week, so it is strange to think of you having snow.

  7. That’s so mean posting your son’s address. And dangerous too. Glad he has taken legal action. What has become of our world? Too many crazies out there.

  8. It is a strange spring or should I say winter? Good for Kurt. Privacy is a big issue. My back starts to hurt after I sew for too long also. I remember sewing for 12-15 hours straight with no problems. Now after about 3 hours I am done in.

  9. At least it's good that you're able to look on the bright side over all that awful snow and think that you're saving on gas. I suspect you'd much rather go outside and scream 'enough already' (I know I would).
    Good for your son for taking legal action and even better that he won. Now it's just too bad he couldn't do the same for the rest of them.