Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Should Have Known

The weather has been wonderful this past week. So nice in fact that it tempted me to go outside without a coat or with coat unzipped..... Not a good idea.

The night before last I slept for a grand total of perhaps 3 hours, had a lovely tickle (not) in my throat, and bouts of prolonged sneezing. Hmmm, that should have tipped me off as well.

While I did sleep much better last night I woke up with a lovely cold, no cough as of yet but stuffed nose, runny nose and slight sinus headache.

 This is where I want to be....

But this is what I will be doing instead.

Cleaning the paper monster off my computer desk so it looks like this (hopefully)

It never will but one can live in perpetual hope.

Folding the laundry that dried on my lines in the basement.

Christmas is coming quickly and I need to get started baking.

And tonight I need to chair the parish council meeting. Like all of you busy people I do not have time to be sick. 

Off to tend the home fires and keep right on frugaling (is that a word) away.

Everybody have a wonderful day. God bless.

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