Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Day Of Thrifting and Other Such Things

I woke up to this.

A fog filled the valley on quiet cat's paws. I sat and drank my coffee and watched it slowly disappear. Just awesome!!! Watching the fog weave its way down the valley was something I don't get to see very often.

Then my day started.

I needed to go and get some papers photocopied at the church offices in the afternoon and found out that Pro Life was having their garage sale.

I decided to go a bit early so that I could visit the sale and look for craft supplies. I did find a few things.

A bag of fuzzy pink yarn. There is enough here to make a cowl or even some slippers and mitts for the winter ahead. Four full balls and two half balls.... Just perfect.

A full cross stitch kit with the fabric and threads. It also contained an extra package of cross stitch material and hoop.

I also found these two stamped embroidery fabrics.

It is hard to see the stamps on the fabric, but I am going to be busy this winter. One is little kittens and the other is flowers and vines. The kittens I can use as part of a quilt later on (I think Kris would enjoy one with these as the middle blocks), and the other is vines and flowers that could be used as a dresser scarf.. or.... I have an idea and if it works I will share once it is done.

All of these for $7.00. Not too bad since the yarn would have cost that much in the store, and the cross stitch kit even more.

Supper was something very new.

There is enough sauce left to use as a marinade for another meal, and it is residing in the freezer as I type. I used some chicken legs from the freezer that I bought on deep discount. A very frugal meal for Harvey and I.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I love all of your thrifted goodies! I haven't been to the thrift shop in a while, definitely time for a trip! Before I forget...I can't seem to find the FL forum anymore! Where did I lose it?