Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Organized Chaos????

This is something that I need to do in my sewing/craft room.

I don't know why but a few weeks (okay almost days) after I get it looking like a place where I can create it ends up looking like this:

My nicely set up bookcase and the floor around it messed up, patterns out of order, fabric and papers piled in front of it, and books piled up beside it.

The space in front of my serger piled with finished knitting projects, darned socks and cords. As well as my CD player.

The area underneath my nicely organized spool board is covered in cords, parts of my sewing machine, yarn and plastic project bags.

Fabric, quilting squares, and boxes that I have no idea what they contain. I even have another sweater laying over top of everything (I have a sweater hanging on the back of my sewing chair as well).

Lastly there is this.....

My fabric and yarn drawers covered with still more fabric, clothing, books, patterns, bias tape and lord only knows what else.

How did the room get in this bad of shape you may ask....

I haven't been spending much time organizing and putting things away since the summer started. Too busy working on unfinished projects (that I pulled out of what was a nicely organized room) to even look at the mess I was leaving behind.

What got me looking now was the necessity to find another ball of yarn that I wish to add on to Kris's Christmas rug. I know I should have two, but can only find one..... It must be somewhere in this mess, or perhaps in the mess by my chair (another place I have let get out of hand).

In order to be a smart and frugal shopper I need to be able to find my purchases when I need them!! It is not in the least a savvy shopper who loses items they buy because of a mess.

So I am making a promise to spend at least 30 minutes a day getting this room straightened out and then I will move on to the mess beside my chair. This is added on to my goals for this month.

Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of a nicely organized room when I am done.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I have a similar problem in my sewing room/spare room. At the moment as it is the school holidays I'm not getting any sewing done and the fact we have visitors coming means I had to tidy it out for them to stay there. Good luck sorting your room out!

  2. And when you get done, wanna come and sort my sewing room out ... it's in far worse shape ;)