Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

Today I thought I would share my cross stitch project with you all.

Many will probably remember it from last year..... See how long it is taking me to get finished. I think I have been working on it for at least three years. Hopefully this year will see an end to it and I can move on to another unfinished project I started even longer ago.

I think I could be about 2/3 done or very close to that. I even managed to get about 200 more stitches completed today. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like finished.

There has been something bothering me since about Thursday.

I always watch this talk show.
(image from google images)

I usually love it as she is down to earth most of the time. Even having some good frugal ideas. However on the show that is bothering me recycling fashion came up.

It seems my idea of recycling fashion differs greatly from Queen and her guests. To them going in their closets and pulling out an outfit to wear a second time is recycling fashion..... Hey what!!! That is something I do all the time. I can't think of one normal person who only wears something once (okay, maybe if they never tried it on and the article in question fits terribly).

To me, recycling fashion means buying my clothing at yard sales or second hand/thrift stores. It means refashioning garments to bring them a bit more up to date.

It also means taking old clothing and turning it into something else. This could mean turning the article into rags for cleaning, fabric for quilt making or even fabric for making other clothing.

The frugalista in me would never wear anything just once and would always get the last bit that I could out of a piece of clothing. Meaning if I could not use it I would find someone that could.

Just wondering what all of you think the term "recycle clothing" means.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I agree. Some of my favourite items I will wear until they fall to pieces. Well, maybe not literally. Like you, if I have items in the wardrobe or drawers that I just don't wear, I like to give them to the charity shop, as there's probably lots of people out there who would wear them.

    I do have far too many clothes really, not expensive ones might I add, but I try to circulate them and wear each piece as regularly as I can.