Friday, December 11, 2015

Frugal Friday

Overall this has been a fairly frugal week overall.

I have done many of the same frugal things that I usually do as habit.

Used up all the extra food in the fridge, eating leftovers for lunch and making new meals out of other leftovers.

Cut out 7 sewing patterns to use up fabric from my stash and to replace items donated in my wardrobe.

Going for my frugal exercise of a walk every day.

Reading free books on my ereader instead of buying a book.

Getting free recipes on line to try.

Only washing dishes once on three days to save on the water bill.

There is a list of questions making the round in blogland and I think I will take part this time.

 1) Do you eat blue cheese?
      Love Blue Cheese and eat it whenever I get the chance.

2)  Have you ever smoked?
     Yes, but quit about 8 years ago.

3)  Do you own a gun?  
     No, and I will not allow a firearm in my house.

4)  What flavor of Kool Aid is your favorite? 
      Not my cup of tea any longer. Drank it when I was a child.

5)  Do you get nervous before dental appointments?
     Yes. I hate the dentist, but do go.

6)  What do you think of hot dogs?
      I like hotdogs, especially off the BBQ or cooked over and open fire.

7)  What's your favorite Christmas movie?

      It's A Wonderful Life. I cry every time I watch it. 

8)  What do you prefer to drink in the morning?

9)  Can you do push-ups?
      Nope, and I don't care to start doing them.

10)  What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
        All my jewelry is precious to me, but especially my wedding band.

11)  What's your favorite hobby?
        Hmmm, I don't have just one favorite, it would be really difficult to chose. I guess fiber arts.

12)  Do you have A.D.D.?
       No, but I do have a bit of OCD.

13)  Do you wear glasses or contacts?
        Glasses, but I just got actual glasses instead of readers a year ago.

14)  What's your middle name?

15)  What are your thoughts at this moment?
        I have had a wonderful day, but I am wondering if our youngest son is ignoring my texts or is      feeling depressed once again.

16)  Name 3 drinks you regularly consume. 
       Coffee, tea, and milk.

17)  What is a current worry of yours?
        The economy of my country and whether or not both our sons will be able to weather the storm   ahead.

18)  What do you currently hate?
        Hate is a very strong word, there might be things I dislike, but nothing I really hate.

19)  Where is your favorite place to be?
        My favorite place to be is home with my family.

20)  What do you plan on doing on New Year's Eve this year?
        We plan to be safe at home celebrating the beginning of another year.

21)  To where would you like to travel?
        I would like to travel to Greece and Italy.

22)  Name three people you think will do this questionnaire on their

        I have no idea. I do hope it continues though.
23)  Do you own slippers?
       Yes, but perhaps the better question would be do I wear them.

24)  What color shirt are you wearing?
        Actually the only time I wear a shirt is in the spring or when I am going out. Right now I am wearing a blue sweater.

25)  Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?  
       Never slept on them so can't answer this one.
26)  Can you whistle?

27)  What is your favorite colour? 
       My favorite colour is black.

28)  What songs do you sing in the shower?
        The only place I sing is church.

29)  Would you be a pirate?
        No, cause they didn't bathe often.

30)  What's in your pocket right now?
        I don't have pockets right now.

31)  What's the last thing that made you laugh?
        Harvey teasing me at supper tonight.

32)  What vehicle do you drive?
       A GMC Denali Terraine.

33)  What's the worst injury you've ever had?
        Broke my wrist playing softball when I was 40 years old. My first and only broken bone.

34)  Do you love where you live?
       Of course, but I would love any place that Harvey and I lived.

35)  Would you change your first name if you could?
        Not a chance, it suits me.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


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