Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goals Update And New Monthly Goals

Firstly the update on my goals from last month.

1.   Finish the sweater I am knitting for Harvey for Christmas. Done, well still have the buttons to sew on but I am calling this done.

2.   Knit 3 hats to add to the gift of mittens for my brother's girls.  Done

4.   Buy my brothers (Jay and Jerry) their Christmas gifts.  Done

5.   Work on my embroidery again. Done

6.   Continue with Project Declutter.  Done

7.   Try for 22 no spend days this month.  Done

8.   Get Christmas cards done and in the mail in a timely fashion.  Done

9.   Mail off the gifts for my brothers and my nieces.  Done

I am totally shocked that I managed to get all these done. No time to spare but done none the less.

 I managed to rid my house of another 22 items, bringing my grand total for the year so far to 711. I am sure I will be adding more this month.

Now the goals for this month.

 December Goals

1.   Get the tree up and decorated.

2.   Make a quilt for the ladies gift for our family party.

3.   Get the Christmas baking done.

4.   Cut out sewing patterns.

5.   Continue decluttering project.

6.   Make up my monthly calendars and daily to do list pages.

7.   Work on embroidery.

8.   Start some of those unfinished sewing projects.

9.  Get the gifts wrapped.

10.  Try for 18 no spend days.

11.  Knit a sweater for me to wear for our family Christmas party.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I manage everything this month. I may be working late into the night sometimes.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.



  1. Jackie,
    You are SUCH an inspiration! I am taking a page from your book and making myself a monthly goal starting in January. I am also going to start counting my decluttering too as of January! How do you make up your monthly calendars and daily to do list pages? I need to get more organized!

  2. You are definitely 'in the zone' at the moment when it comes to achieving your goals, so December's should be a wheeze. Well done for decluttering so many things this year. Does your house feel different? Ours does, but I soon get used to it and want to declutter more.