Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ahhh, The Smells Of Christmas

I am in the holiday baking mood once more.

The caramels are cut and wrapped. The Bavarian Mints are cut and packaged. Both these packages are now in the freezer away from Harvey's wandering fingers.

English Shortbread, Whipped Shortbread Cookies and Surprise Toffee packaged and put away for when Kurt and Kris get home.

Tomorrow I will have a bit of a break from baking and do my weekly shopping and biweekly bill paying trip. I should also be able to cut out two more sewing patterns, and get a bit of decorating done upstairs. Baking will start up again on Friday when I hope to get some more cookies made as well as some squares.

Slowly but surely getting things ready for Christmas.

The tree is set up in the basement and twinkles every night for Harvey's enjoyment.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Ack, I wish I was as far along as you! For some reason the get up and go that I had at the beginning of the week has gotten up and gone! Thanks for the motivational kick in the pants!

  2. ummm, your baking sounds so good. I need to make candies but it will be next week..parties, fellowship gatherings and wrapping pkgs has the rest of the week filled....xoxo (and let Harvey have ONE piece of your candy tonight..:)

  3. You are so smart. I need to do that too. I will make the Mexican Wedding Cookies and while those are baking, make fudge.....I am making the chex mix and it will have to bake.....and I want to make fruitcake cookies and chess squares. Hopefully I can do that all Monday and Tuesday of next week.
    You're lucky to have the boys coming, It will help make it a festive time. Jim is out of town today and tonight so I'm enjoying some quiet, he's been coughing for so long now, I think last night was his first good night's sleep in 3 weeks and so mine too.
    Mama Bear