Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thrifty Tuesday And A Tidy

Today was a mending and cleaning (or should I say straightening) day.

I tackled that small mountain of socks to be darned. Cha ching...... Money saved as now I don't have to shop for socks.

I even managed to get the underwire in one of my favorite bras back into its pocket and sewn to hold it in place. I can get some more wear out of it now. Those things are expensive and finding something that fits and feels great is tough.

We went to our Financial Planner today and managed to get some of my small RRSP's combined. The interest rate is the pits, but at least with the combination there will be a tiny bit more. We will have to go back in April, as more are coming due (as well as some GIC's) and I hope we can do the same thing.

Supper tonight was once again leftovers. The few ribs and bit of rice left has been packaged up and put in the fridge for Harvey's lunch tomorrow.

I got a text from Kris a bit ago and it seems that I did not break Harvey's cell phone beyond repair. Kris took it to a place in Regina and had the screen replaced (I cracked it badly when I fell a couple of months ago). He says it works like a charm now. We paid nothing for the phone (it was Kris's old one) and the replacement screen was pennies when compared to buying a new Blackberry. Cha ching, more money saved.

I spent much of the afternoon working in the sewing/craft room.

Harvey got the extra support onto one of the cabinets so my serger is back up and ready to use.

Please excuse the blurry picture. With the extra support the leaf is not bending and I will be able to use both these machines. Tomorrow I will be cleaning up my Mom's old machine and getting it threaded to use.

I still have a bit of cleaning up to do around the other two machines. That will be done tomorrow after a bit of shopping and baking.

The tops of my storage containers have been cleared off. Now the scrap material is easily found and later this week will be cut into usable quilt squares.

The fabric and yarn that the storage drawers contain have been gone through. The fabric has been folded, and the yarn put into like groups to be used in other knitting projects.

All of my craft books have been gathered together and placed in this bookcase. Now I can find them a bit easier. I do think there are a couple more I need to locate.

There is still more to do, but those baby steps are certainly working right now. Keeping me out of trouble and out of the stores.

Hope to have some more pictures of the room tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I did a tiny bit of "straightening" in my sewing room today, too! I always feel more energized to be creative when the room is neat and clean. I can't stand clutter, I put things away IMMEDIATELY when I am sewing, but when I have brought something new into the room it can sit "out" for weeks before I get to it. Another goal to be added to my 2016 list...put things away right away!!!

  2. Sounds like your sewing room is coming on a treat. It will be a much easier space to work in when it is all set up as you want it. I look forward to seeing the finished result.