Monday, December 28, 2015

Menu Monday

The house is fairly quiet once again, and I am even managing to get on to the blog. Yippee!!!

As usual my menus are subject to switching around, which will more than likely happen a great deal the next week or so. I find it very hard to either cook enough or I cook too much when Kurt and Kris are home. When both are home...whoa, do I go to town.


Leftover appetizers (so many of them from the family get together). They need gone from my freezer, so we will be having a mixture of sausage rolls, spring rolls, samosas, mozzarella sticks, cheese and crackers, and whatever else needs out of there.


My birthday, so hopefully ordering in or heading out for dinner.


Leftover Stew and perhaps some dumplings.


Either a clean out the fridge night or leftover turkey soup.


Salmon cakes, rice and peas and carrots.


Porkchops, leftover rice, and corn.


Roast Ham, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

I will not be shopping for food this week (well perhaps some milk and cream) so hopefully will be well under budget for this month. Trying to see where we can cut and where we need to add to the budget. Could be fun next year as fixed expenses are rising but what we bring in is staying the same. This could take some creative reworking of the budget.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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  1. Hi, Jackie girl...same here with leftovers...we are eating them every day until they are all gone...the best is the delicious smoked ham...I hate to see it go but will make red beans with the ham hock.

    HAPPY ? mine is on Thursday (New Years Eve) I am a lot older than you...I will be 78 (OMG...only 2 yrs til 80)