Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Ramblings

Today Father Brian spoke about preparing the way. One of the ways he spoke about was Reconciliation. This is something that I need to really think about and make time to do. As a convert to the Catholic faith it is the one Sacrament that I have a problem with. Father Brian says it is supposed to make a person feel more at peace, while I feel as if I am the worst person on earth whenever I take part. I need to pray about this Sacrament more, and realize I am not being judged and found wanting.

This was the start of my Christmas preparations. I started my candy making today and hope to finish it tomorrow.

Today saw me making......

Almond Bark.

and Peanut brittle.

I hope to make much more tomorrow between my regular household chores (laundry being the biggie).

Last night I pulled out the ham bones I have been saving in the freezer and made Pea Soup

It was scrumptious and served with egg salad sandwiches more than filled us both up. I even managed to put a container in the freezer for a meal later on when things might be a bit hectic.

And here is the ladies gift for our Christmas day exchange. Turned out not too badly really, considering that I used mostly fabric scraps that I had made into 2" strips. I was going to try something a bit different but with time being at a premium, went with the straight strips instead.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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