Friday, June 24, 2016

Frugal Friday

The stock market here is taking a beating after the announcement of the UK voting to leave the EU. Hopefully it will not last long and things will come up once again. Until that time, however we are going to do a bit of belt tightening.

My frugal wins for this week are.

1.  Used some coupons when I was shopping. I don't think I will ever become an extreme couponer, but every little bit does help.

2.  Washing was done in the usual frugal manner.

3.  Made my own cloths for putting on the mop to wash the walls. Used leftover fabric from my stash. They will need to be tweaked a bit, but did work.

4.  Used up leftovers to make 4 meals this week. Twice I pulled out leftover packages of meat from the fridge freezer (I always package up the remains of roast meats) and made two suppers. The leftovers from each of those meals made us supper for another two nights.

5.  We managed without air conditioning for two days.

6.  No watering of garden as we got another 9/10ths of an inch of rain earlier this week. It also washed the dust off the car. If the weather forecast is correct we will be getting more rain tonight.

7.  Printed off two Birthday cards for a Come and Go Tea tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. As I was sat on the train going to the CS yesterday, I picked up a free newspaper that someone has discarded, to read about the referendum and managed to snag £5 off a supermarket shop using a coupon that was inside. I can use this for my groceries this week to keep things as frugal as possible.

  2. I started crocheting some more dishcloths with cotton yarn I already had in my stash and the chicken lasted for 4 meals.