Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

I have been a good girl, stayed out of shops, shopped at home first and have even been busy using up odds and ends. Don't have too many leftovers as Kurt is home and I had forgotten how much he can eat. This does mean that most things are being used up and no wasting is happening. Got to love that. Two of the meals since he has been home (out of three) have been made with meat that was frozen from previous Sunday meals. Tomorrows will consist of cleaning out some of the precooked meals from the freezer.

Shopping at home is making me rethink purchases. Do we need it, or do we just want it? I have started to ask myself that question with every purchase and so far I am getting pretty good at telling the two apart most of the time. The wants can wait until we have built up the bank account once again.

I went to the library late last week and got myself a stack of reading material. I also found a book of knitting patterns that only use one skein to make. Hmmm, a way to use up some of those leftover yarn skeins and balls from past projects.

I did a few repairs on clothing this past week. I was in the sewing room anyway and thought what the heck, fix that hem, fix a seam or two, and sew on a couple of missing buttons. The clothing looks brand new and is back in Harvey's closet.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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