Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Middle of the Week

I am slowly but surely getting this new computer with all its foibles up and running. I still have to get a word processing/spread sheet program and I am thinking of buying the newest Office program. I also have a few programs to put on via disc. Hopefully I will be finished very soon and then I can say all is back to normal.

I spent much of today pulling items out of the chest freezer and plan on making rhubarb cake, zucchini loaves and a batch or two of cherry muffins tomorrow. We will need some baking when we go on holiday to snack on.

I have yet to dehydrate more thyme and oregano and plan on doing that tomorrow as well.

Slowly but surely I am getting ready for the upcoming winter. Rumour has it that this winter is supposed to be a bad one. I am hoping that we get snow, but not the bitterly cold winds they are predicting.

Harvey went fishing today and came home empty handed. He says he has to find a new fishing hole as the one he visits is being overcome with weeds and the fish seem to have disappeared.

We have started a new beer brewing experiment and it should be ready to bottle when we get home from our holiday.

I am making a stock up list and am planning a trip to Regina very soon. I want to get fabric suitable for recovering the cushions on our outdoor furniture, the sun and rain have done a job on the ones we have on the chairs now. Then of course there is always fabric to buy in order to make Christmas gifts.

Off to enjoy a glass of wine and a sit on the deck to take advantage of the cool breezes.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Well you know how to sitting and sipping on the porch....I've not read about your holiday but sounds like you're planning something wonderful...Honey Bear and I have a cabin rented at the first of November...looking forward to that and this weekend we're going to a festival at a winery....hoping it won't be too hot to sit outside...are you familiar with Brooks and Dunn? Well Kit Brooks has a winery outside of Nashville.
    Mama Bear