Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday Roundup

I took some time off from working on those pesky unfinished projects. Not that it was planned, but now, well I am ready to forge ahead and get things done.

Instead, I worked on getting some produce in and prepared for the winter. My cabbage is in the freezer. I always freeze the cabbage and then thaw it to make my cabbage rolls. Those will be done at the end of this month when all other harvesting is done.

I picked tomatoes to be used in salads, and I plan on pulling out the frozen tomatoes from last year and preparing some spaghetti sauce.

I made 18 quart jars of dills. That should see us through this winter. This is the first nine.

Then this afternoon, Harvey and I took a drive to look at places along the waterfront at Rafferty Dam. Wow, some of those places are huge!!! I can only imagine what the costs involved were. There were a couple for sale, and they looked to be more within our budget. Well at least closer to our budget at any rate.

Tomorrow it will be back to working on the rug, baking bread, and being frugal.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. hi, jackie...sounds like you've been busy.
    we are harvesting a few things from the raised bed garden...none of us know diddly about gardening...the onions have stayed in the ground too long and now are tough...planted too much squash and we have them running out our ears...sick of them...okra not doing all that well, something has eaten the cabbage almost completely up...cucumbers doing fair...I just never have done gardens and son and his wife aren't too good at it, either...maybe we've learned a little and next yr will be better...xoxo

  2. Your dills look great! I usually freeze quite a bit of fruit and veggies but as we are moving in a couple weeks that is something I will have to wait and do at our new home.
    Have a good week!

  3. My husband would be drooling over those dills, he loves them!