Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Tid Bits

Today has been a lazy one. Well, lazy after the baking and household chores were completed at any rate.

I decided it was time to make another trip to our public library, after all I am paying a special levy for it with our property taxes after all.

I found a few fiction books that struck my fancy immediately.

Blogger seems to be doing strange things with photos tonight. I do hope this comes through properly. If not I may just have to wait to post pictures until I figure out what is happening.

I started reading the first book in the pile and so far am enjoying it. A nice light read and the first one I have ever read from this author.

I see that it isn't proper, but at least it is there. I need to figure out what is happening as I don't want every picture I post to be this big or this out of focus.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. the pic is small and very sharp...guess you got it fixed...xoxo

  2. Blogger has a mind of its own, and it can be a strange thing. Don't waste your energy worrying about it, just accept and move on. I use my local library regularly, if I bought every book that I read I would have to have a house twice the size.

  3. I see a Navada Barr book..I like to read hers....looks like you'll be stuck in a book for sometime.
    Mama Bear