Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mid Month Update

It's time for my mid month update. Now that the basement is cleared out and ready for repairs I actually got time to finish a few things (well 2) on my goal list.

1.  Sew skirt.  Done

2.  Sew tops.  Not done.

3.  Finish rug.  Done.

4.  Sandwich that darn quilt.  Not Done

5.  Have 16 no spend days.  Up to 11 no spend days,

6.  Harvest and process the garden.  Working on this a bit every day.

7.  Get new computer set up once I get it. Hopefully this week.  Got new computer, and have it mostly set up except for a few book marks and my Print Shop program.

So things are moving right along. I do hope to complete a few more goals before we leave on our week long trip to a cabin at one of our National Parks.

So now I will post a couple of pictures of finished projects.

First the rug. I put it under the table just to see what it looked like and now it is going to be pressed and returned.

Harvey says it is lovely to have something under his feet.

Now the simple knit skirt.

Just the way I like my skirts, ankle length and flowing.

Lastly a picture of the spaghetti sauce I made from the tomatoes I harvested today.

Lovely fresh sauce to be used this winter. Mixed with meat and put on spaghetti, it will sure hit the spot.... All that lovely tomato goodness in the middle of winter. This now makes 4 containers residing in the freezer if you add in the sauce I made with the frozen tomatoes. I hope to get a few more containers yet this harvest.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I love your crafted items, Jackie! I'm also thankful to hear that at least the demolition part of the basement is over! I have been freezing grape tomatoes like mad and have absolutely NO idea what I am going to do with them! Dear Grandson can't eat them as fast as they are popping up on the plant! Have you ever made any tomato sauce with teeny tiny tomatoes? My other two full sized heirloom tomatoes are not doing great. The weather has either drowned them and the leaves turn yellow and wilt or they have been scorched and watering once or twice a day is not even helping...then I get brown crunchy leaves that fall off! I will be VERY thankful if I get one or two tomatoes to eat and one or two to save the heirloom seeds!

  2. While I have never made tomato sauce from grape tomatoes, Harvey did make ketchup from the over abundance of them one year (I think he planted 3 cherry tomato plants) so I can't see why on earth you could not make tomato sauce from them.

    God Bless.