Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

Today has been spent working with produce from the garden and finding recipes to use the plums that I was given by a neighbour.

The first thrifty thing I did was head out to the garden and clip some mint to dehydrate. I use the dehydrated leaves to make tea during the winter. This saves me having to buy mint tea bags when I want to enjoy my favourite mid afternoon tea break.

Then I started working on my tomato based spaghetti sauce. I used up all the frozen tomatoes from last years harvest. I didn't want to throw them out and this seemed like a good idea. I got 2 large plastic containers of saucy goodness to use in the winter. I know I will want to make more later on.

I found lots of recipes on line to use up those plums, and I have all the ingredients. So starting tomorrow I can see and smell some lovely loaves, tarts and pies being made.

I am also going to dehydrate some more mint as well as some parsley.

Seems like the garden is producing just enough to keep me busy most days.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. it sounds like you are on the thrifty track for the week...i so love having good things in the freezer...for dinner this week, so far, we've had Hot Beef Sandwiches from left over roast and gravy in the freezer...so good over buttered toast...and a left-over frozen veggie mixture from when I made Chicken Pot Pies...I used the veggie mix over rice and it was so good. It sure makes things easy when we have these frozen meals....I never throw away leftovers...always into the freezer for another time.